Sweet Bee Food Wraps
Sweet Bee Food Wraps

Sweet Bee Food Wraps

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Ditch the Plastic!

The best set to get you started on your plastic-free lifestyle. 

What are Beeswax Food Wraps?

Beestwax wraps are all natural, eco friendly and reusable. They allow food to breathe, unlike plastic wrap, keeping food fresher, longer. They are simple to use like plastic wrap but without the waste!

Best of all, they last about a year, and be composted when done!

The small wrap is perfect for wrapping half a lemon, keeping avocado from browning or covering a small bowl.  You'll find medium wraps are great for keeping herbs fresh (no more slimy cilantro!!), making snack pockets for your kids, or covering muffins! Large is indispensable for wrapping full bricks of cheese, smaller loaves of bread, or sandwiches.  All wraps can be used directly on food, to cover bowls or shaped into snack bags.

3 Piece Basics Pack pattern will be selected at random based on availability:

- 1 small 7x7 inch

-1 medium 10x10 inch

-1 large 13x13 inch


100% cotton, local Niagara Cera alba (beeswax), food grade Pinus (pine) roisin, organic Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil).