Continuous Spray Water Mister- Fusion Mineral Paint

Continuous Spray Water Mister- Fusion Mineral Paint

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Fusion's super-fine continuous water mister makes blending and getting a super smooth finish a breeze.  

The trick to colour blending is to not add too much water as a little goes a long way.  Fusion paints use mineral pigments, and adding too much water can give you pigmentation streaks. 

This water mister can be used to dampen your brushes and rollers while painting to increase paint flow as it is a little bit easier with an ever so slightly dampened brush or roller. 

The Fusion water mister can also be used as a vessel for your TSP Alternative and water.  Be prep ready for your next project! 

Full instructions on how to use the mister along with tips are included in the boxed packaging.  

NOTE:  Be sure to label your water mister with the contents inside.  Always test your methods prior to tackling your project!