Custom pillows for Debbie

Custom pillows for Debbie

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Custom Pillows as described below all with inserts

To be picked up.


Pillow Design 1 Due Afternoon Friday Sept 27:

Side 1:

Scottsdale (Scottsdale, Arizona)

33°30'33.16" N 111°53'56.51" W

Side 2:

Ladner ( Ladner, BC)

N49°05'21.77"  W123°04'56.68"


Pillow Design 2 *3

Side 1:

Pickerel Lake

N41°15'19.288"  W75°5'3.244"

Pillow Design 3

Side 1:


N43°26'40.05"  W79°40'11.66"

Side 2:

Bonita Springs (Bonita Springs, FL)

N26°22'9.36"  W81°49'15.96"

Pillow Design 4


Side 1:


N43°39'14.4"  W79°23'13.92"

Side 2:

Granger (Grander, Indiana)

N41°45'8.28"  W86°6'51.119"