Satin - Mélange Water-Based Crystal Clear Topcoat

Satin - Mélange Water-Based Crystal Clear Topcoat

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Satin Top Coat

16 oz


Application Instructions:

  • Sand all surfaces (finished or unfinished) in the direction of the wood grain to desired smoothness. 

  • Remove all dust from sanded surfaces and clean with a tack cloth.

  • Do not shake or thin.

  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or in temperatures below 55°F (10°C) or above 90°F (32°C).

  • Stir thoroughly prior to and during use.

  • Using a high-quality nylon/polyester bristle brush, dip approximately an inch into the can, gently tapping it against the inside to remove any excess.

  • Apply a thin, even coat following the direction of the grain making sure to maintain a wet edge.

  • For maximum durability, 3 coats are required.

  • Do not puddle, over-brush or overlap finishes.

  • Sand lightly between coats with fine sandpaper.

  • Remove all dust prior to applying additional coats.

  • Dries to touch in 1 hour.

  • Sand or Recoat: 1 hour.

  • After the final coat, allow 12 - 24 hours before light use.

  • Fully cured: 3 days after the final coat.